What we do & Design Philosophy 我们的设计理念

JEFF WU DESIGN  is a design consultancy located in Düsseldorf-Germany. Our International team has worked on behalf and together with our clients finding for them the best product strategies and design solutions. JW DESIGN has a wide experience with consumer electronics, home appliances,and transportation in the fields of: Service design, product development, graphic design, user experience and brand/trend analysis. JEFF WU DESIGN has been internationally recognized with several design prizes including: IF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, Good Design Award and PlusX Award.

How is the spirit of the age reflected in the near future? What mood predominates in the world of design? What trends are discernible for the consumer goods industry?  Quietly and discreet, our designs give rise to an exceptionally refined aesthetic. Harmony is formed elegantly, stylish and pure. Craftsmanship,colors and materials of the highest standards determine, functionality and design comfort. “Emotion, aesthetic and logic” are the motto of our Design. The goal of any design is to create products that through their creativity; aesthetic and functionality surpass the transitory Zeitgeist and by our magic make users fall deeply in love.

JEFF WU DESIGN 是一家位于德国的产品设计与策略的顾问机构。团队由资深的国际化成员组成。为客户在产品设计于策略,用户体验,品牌推广,趋势研究和发展领域找到最好的方案。JEFF WU DESIGN 的服务包括消费电子产品,家具,生活用品以及交通工具等行业。设计作品获得了包括德国IF奖,德国红点奖,日本G-Mark奖以及德国PlusX奖。

我们的设计哲学:情感 + 美学 + 实用性