Product Strategy & User Experience 产品策略与用户研究

Focusing on user-centered design, JW Design expounds its design strategy on an accurate market research and positioning. Differentiation is a key word of our work. Product line and brand identity with deep distinction against competitors has become our main purpose, that’s why we believe that; “good design” is much more than aesthetic. It goes hand by hand with the users feedback and its satisfactory experience. Bringing this way through branding and product development a “product alive”, not only because of its aesthetics qualities,but, also offering a complete experience that can be summarize as a “success sale”.

JEFF WU DESIGN专注于以用户为中心的设计,我们的设计策略致力于准确的市场调研和定位。找出差异化是我们工作的关键。提供独特的,区别于竞争对手的产品线和品牌标识已经成为我们的主要目的,这就是为什么我们认为, “好的设计”不单单指美学,同时还包括通过使用者的反馈和令其满意的经验一对一地服务。我们通过品牌建设和产品开发带来这样一个“活着的产品”,它不仅拥有美学特质,同时也具有可以概括为以“成功销售”为目的的完整体验。