Trend Study & Design Lab 产品趋势研究与设计实验室

For JW DESIGN “ good design” goes hand by hand with a deep, research and analysis. Our specialists are always: Looking for answers, recognizing opportunities and finding new ways to provide the clients with a wide range of information about their target group, market and competitors. Using methods like: online surveys, home visit, trend forecast research and users test, gives JW Design the possibility to developed the product together with the final customer. Because for us, being able to deliver precise answers and fulfill the users needs, are the key to successful strategies and design.

对JW设计而言,“好的设计”代表一对一的深入的研究和分析。 我们的专业人员总是通过寻找答案,认识机遇,寻找新的方式来向客户提供关于他们的目标群体,市场和竞争对手的广泛信息。我们所采用的方式诸如:网上调查,实地探访,趋势预测研究和用户测试。这些途径和方式提供了JW设计与最终客户一起开发产品的可能性。 因为对我们来说,能够提供精确的答案,并满足用户的需求,是成功的策略和设计之关键。